Welcome to The Weekly Man



This is where The Weekly Man will be serialized starting September 8 (that’s a Sunday) and continue until mid-November. The Weekly Man is about 7 people whose lives are overshadowed by a mystery leading back to their childhoods.

The introductory episode will start on a Sunday and the novel proper the following day. There’s a reason for this, but I can’t tell you what it is…yet.

Each daily episode is just enough to get you through your morning coffee break (as opposed to getting depressed reading newspapers or online news services) with, hopefully, a laugh or two…except when a tear is in order (don’t you hate it when you post bad news on Facebook and you get a dozen Likes?).

If you’re reading this on your phone, you’ll notice that it’s not exactly a smartphone-happy site. So, the story will be mirrored for smartphones on my biffmitchell.com site here. I’ll also be posting a chronological order page for people who’ve just started reading the novel (so that they won’t have to scroll to the end to get to the beginning), but I won’t be starting that until the novel is a week or two in progress.

BTW, The Weekly Man is a sort of family story, but not really…it’s more of a mystery, but not really that either, so maybe it’s humor, but, no, not that. There’s a term that describes stories that appear to be something on the surface, but are actually something else at the core…and this something else is likely to be the most improbable thing you can imagine. It’s called Magical Realism. I guess that’s what you would call The Weekly Man.

BTW,  you can download a printable list of the novel’s characters here. They all have similar names, which confuses me…so I made a list. And the list is kind of a window into what you’ll be spending two and a half months reading beginning September 8.



Character Guide for The Weekly Man

Characters JPG

So, The Weekly Man has more than one main character. A few more. But they’re all necessary to telling the story. But, um, there’s this other thing. Their names are a bit on the similar side, so sometimes while you’re reading the story, you might become addled.

I don’t want to addle you, so I’ve created a printable (PDF) guide to the characters. It’s just a list as you can see from the image of each of the main characters and what they do.

Click here for a smartphone version. You may have to scroll down a bit.

Click the link below to download a printable PDF.



New Date for The Weekly Man Release – September 8


So…I’ve received emails, Facebook messages and many death threats. Apparently, there are people out there who would rather go on vacation, lay in the sun, relax under palm trees, hit the road for summer adventures, spend days drinking beer, barbequing and dozing off on beaches…they would rather do these frivolous things than sit in a stuffy office, drinking coffee and reading the daily installment of The Weekly Man.

After long hours of painful thought, it occurred to me: They might just have a point. Maybe sun and fun might be a good thing. Spending time with loved ones while roasting marshmallows over a campfire every day for a couple of weeks might actually be good for the head and the spirit. These images reminded me of my youth, when I had a life and wasn’t the grumpy ball of meanness that I am today.

In light of this realization, I decided to change the release date from July 5 to September 8. OK…so that’s a Sunday, but there’s a very mysterious reason why it has to be Sunday. This will become apparent as the story unfolds. And, in fact, you can miss the September 8 installment altogether and still follow the storyline. It belongs in the story, but it doesn’t make any sense until the middle of the novel. And it’s not humorous. I wish I’d never written that installment, but I did. And now there’s no way to get rid of it.

On the other hand, if you’re a fast reader, you can read two installments on Monday. Just explain the situation to your boss and blame it all on me.


The Weekly Man – UPDATE

UPDATE: The release date has been changed to September 8 due to requests and death threats. 

Hi, This is the blog for The Weekly Man, a serialized novel with just enough reading to get you through your morning coffee break. For more about this, see the About page.

The introductory chapter will be posted on Friday, July 5 and the real stuff will start on Monday, July 8.  If you have any questions, see the Contact page.

The Weekly Man is speculative fiction in the magical realism arena. Everything seems normal, but…something’s not quite right. The first half of the novel will keep you guessing; the second half will make you wonder how the hell they’re going to work it out.

The novel contains some foul language. I teach a writing workshop called Writing Hurts Like Hell. I tell my students to write the way the character would talk. Some of the characters in The Weekly Man swear.

There’s not a lot of sex, but one of the characters is a little bit…well…you’ll see. Oh, and there’s a huge dose of humour. I love humour. It makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile as well.

If you’re interested in reading The Weekly Man, I suggest you bookmark this page and maybe even come back before July 5. I’m sure I’ll have more to say before we get into it.